Committed to improving the lives of patients

We are focusing on the development of targeted therapies, especially the next-generation targeted therapies. Using artificial intelligence drug design (AIDD) and structural-based drug design (SBDD) technologies, we are committed to developing Best-In-Class small molecule targeted innovative drugs.

Focusing on targeted therapy research using precision medicine-based R&D strategies

According to the molecular biological information and clinical symptoms of patients, we determine the relationship between therapeutic targets and diseases, focus on the development of personalized precise medicine to promote the transformation of the medical model from “one-size-fits-all” approach to precision medicine, making clinical disease diagnosis more accurate and effective, ultimately maximizing patient benefits in a safer and more economical way.

Focusing on next-generation drug discovery

Based on big data mining and deep understanding of disease biology, focusing on clinically validated targets, combined with bioinformatics, structural pharmacology, cell biology, medicinal chemistry and other professional knowledge, we optimize drug design to improve safety, and overcome drug resistance, and develop targeted drugs for unmet medical needs.

Cutting-edge Drug Design and Development Platform

Discover high-quality novel molecules faster, at a lower cost, and with a higher probability of success.

  • Virtual Screening and Hit ldentification

    Structural Analysis & ML

  • Multi-parameter Optimization in Silico

    Structural Analysis & ML

  • Proprietary Data Curation and Management

    Machine Learning (ML)

  • Synthesis and Analysis


  • Biophysics and Structural Biology

  • Structure-Activity-Relationship (SAR) Analysis

    Structural Analysis & ML

Artificial Intelligence Drug Design (AIDD)

Based on a data-driven machine learning algorithm, combined with the domain conformation of the target protein and molecular dynamics, we recognize potential binding sites. We design and simulate the interaction between compounds and target proteins by powerful computer-aided systems to screen and identify compounds virtually.

Structural-Based Drug Design (SBDD)

By predicting the interaction between the drug and the target molecule, the physicochemical properties of the drug molecule, the biological activity of the drug molecule, the toxicity of the drug molecule, the structure of the target protein, the interaction of the drug, etc., we determine the best pharmacodynamic group, and screen, design and optimize the lead compound. We efficiently synthesize target compounds using our team's extensive research experience in medicinal chemistry.