If you are interested in joining Fochon, please send your resume to, and we will match you with a suitable position based on your professional and company development needs.

A rare opportunity for your career growth

We are a an independent innovative drug R&D team. At Fochon Biosciences, you will embark on the discovery journey from compound synthesis to screening, give full play to your professional expertise, and grow and thrive through working here.

Competitive salaries in the inland region

We offer you with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits such as social insurances and housing fund, free working meals, transportation allowance, high-temperature travel allowance, birthday gifts, holiday allowance, holiday gifts, two-day weekends and legal holidays, etc.

Good working and living environment

We will provide you with a safe experimental environment, a spacious and bright office environment, a convenient living environment, and a variety of leisure activities. We organize various parent-child, team building or tourism activities every year.